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Welcome to Hunt'em Up Kennels "Puppies" page.  Here you will find a list of characteristics we aim to produce in all of our GSP puppies.  For information about upcoming litters, please refer to the Upcoming Litters page.  For pictures of our puppies and information about them, please refer to each litter's individual page.  Our purpose in breeding the versatile German Shorthaired Pointer is to improve the breed and provide our customers with the best GSP they have ever owned.  The following is a list of characteristics we aim to produce in all of our German Shorthair puppies:

  1. Intelligence and Biddability:  Hunt'em Up Kennels wants to produce GSPs that are capable of learning quickly and have a strong desire to please people.  We feel if a GSP has a strong desire to please, it will be easier to train and control in the field.  Without control and a strong desire to please, even the best natural talent is a waste!  If you have ever hunted over dogs, I'm sure you would agree.  We want to produce GSPs that want to hunt for "you," not "themselves."  Intelligent and biddable GSPs can quickly learn when they are expected to "turn it up" and when to "turn it down."  This is why your favorite hunting partner CAN also be a calm and loving "member" of your family.
  2. Strong Desire to Hunt:  We expect all of our German Shorthair Pointers to have a strong prey drive.  We want them to have the drive to hunt hard from the minute you release them to hunt, to the time you "kennel" them up.  Our GSPs are born to hunt!
  3. Excellent Natural Hunting Abilities:  At Hunt'em Up Kennels we strive to produce German Shorthaired Pointers that have excellent natural scenting, tracking, pointing, retrieving and backing abilities.  We believe these abilities should start showing up at a young age.  If a GSP has these abilities naturally, it will be much easier to train because all you are really doing is developing and fine tuning the natural ability of your GSP. 
  4.  Excellent Conformation:  Hunt'em Up Kennels produces German Shorthaired Pointers that conform to the breed standard.  We believe with the right conditioning a well built, athletic, muscular dog has the capability to perform in a wide range of terrains and weather conditions.  Any hunter knows sometimes the best hunting is found in the roughest country and takes place on anything but "pleasant" days.  It takes an athlete of a dog to perform at a high level all day in rough terrain and poor weather conditions.  Remember, to always use caution and common sense to protect yourself and your GSP, when hunting in adverse weather conditions!
  5. Wonderful Personalities:  We want to produce GSPs with a sound temperament.  Our German Shorthairs are calm, friendly, and loving in temperament.  They should be good natured around kids, other people and other dogs.  Hunt'em Up Kennels GSPs are a joy to be around and want your affection.  If a German Shorthaired Pointer seeks your affection, it will want to please you, knowing the end result will be more affection.  This all goes back to intelligence and biddability.
  6. Style:  Hunt'em Up Kennels produces well bred German Shorthair Pointers who excel at the task at hand and look great doing it.  We produce dogs that hunt with passion, intensity, and style.

Our puppies will have their dew claws removed and tails docked at three days old.  We will start worming our GSP puppies at two weeks old using Safeguard and continue this routine every two weeks until they are three months old.  Any puppy remaining at our kennel past three months of age will be started on an appropriate schedule for complete deworming, heartworm prevention, and flea/tick/mosquito prevention. 

All of our German Shorthaired Pointer puppies will also receive a 5 way vaccination at 5, 8, 11, and 14 weeks of age. They will also receive a bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine at 8 weeks of age.  We start giving the 5 way vaccination at 5 weeks old so all of our GSP puppies will have at least two vaccinations before they leave Hunt'em Up Kennels.  Remember, it will be your responsibilty to follow up on all needed vaccinations for your new GSP puppy.  Please check with your veterinarian and get on an appropriate vaccination schedule for your area.  Puppies are allowed to go to their new homes when they are 8 weeks old.
If Hunt'em Up Kennels ships out any of our German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the pet carrier, vet check, airline ticket, and any additional vaccines your state or country will require before the puppy is shipped.
  Hunt'em Up Kennels will take care of all this for you.  Call any time for pricing to ship out any of our young German Shorthaired Pointers, as it may vary. For more information please see: *Shipping*

Pictures of all available puppies can be found on each individual litter's page:


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