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Q.  Can I visit my dog during training?
A.  You can visit your dog any time throughout training.  It will not interfere with the dogs learning ability.

Q.  Can I call and get updates on my dogs progress?
A.  Feel free to call and check up on your dogs progress, anytime.
Q.  What do I do about dog food when my dog is in training?
A.  You can bring your own dog food or we can feed our brand.  We feed Sportmix High Energy dog food to our adults and Pro Pac Performance Puppy to our GSP puppies.

Q.  How long will it take to train my young Gun Dog to hunt?
A.  That is a question that is very hard to answer.  It will vary, from one dog to the next.  Expect anywhere from 1 to 4 months, depending on the type of training you want.

Q.  Do you do obedience training?
A.  Yes, this can take up to a month or more.

Q.  What kind of birds do you use in training?
A.  We use pigeons and quail for a majority of our training.  If you wish to have your dog trained on pheasants and/or chukar, we will do so depending on their availability.  You will be responsible for the extra cost of the pheasants and/or chukar.  Towards the end of a dog's training we will run them on wild pheasant and quail if the season is open.

Q.  How many birds will you use while training my Gun Dog?
A.  I will use, at least, 60 plus birds, from start to finish.

Q.  What’s the difference between a Field Trail Dog and a Foot Hunter Dog?
A.  If you sit and really think about it, the only difference would be the range of the Dog.  They are both trained to find birds in the field.

Q.  Why would I care about the titles in a dogs pedigree?
A.  The more the better, I say.  If a pedigree has titles in it, that tells me that those dogs have proven their selves in the field.  Those traits will pass on to their offspring and make great Gun Dogs.

Q.  How much does a First Year Dog cost?
A.  A First Year Dog will cost any where from $2,000.00 to $3,000.00

Q.  Do you give out advice on training?
A.  Yes I do.  I have no problem in helping someone out, in training there dog, even if the dog wasn't purchased from me.

Q.  Do you take care of worming my dog while in training, and how much would it cost?
A.  We worm all dogs once a month, and there is no cost to you.

Q.  How much does training cost, on average?
A.  Training will run around $2,000.00, on average.

Q.  Do I have to put a deposit down on training?
A.  Yes, I take the first month up front.  You can pay the balance throughout training or when you pick up your dog.

Q.  How  will I know the commands after training?
A.  I will give you a list of commands and the same kind of whistle I use to train your dog, plus I am only a phone call away, if you need any more info.

Q.  How would you get the dog to me?
A.  I ship my dogs by air.  I will not ship by ground.  I had a bad experience, or should I say, my dog and customer, had a bad experience.  The only way I would ever ship by ground, is if I delivered the dog myself.

Q.  How old does my dog have to be, to start Gun Dog training?
A.  I can start dogs as young as six months old.  An average is six to eight months of age.

Q.  Is it all right to ask you a question about my dog, even if I didn't purchase it from you?
A.  Yes, you may ask any question you wish and I will try to answer it, to the best of my knowledge and experience.

If you have any new questions, please contact me.                                                                                                     


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