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Hunt'em Up Kennels specializes in breeding, raising, and training the versatile German Shorthaired Pointer.  We are dedicated to producing high quality German Shorthairs.  Our GSP's are bred for intelligence, biddability, desire to hunt, natural hunting abilities, conformation, sound temperament, and style.  Our mission is to improve the breed and provide our customers with the best GSP they have ever owned.  When you purchase a German Shorthaired Pointer from us, our service doesn't end with the sale.  We are always more than willing to help our customers with any questions they might have about their new GSP.  We aim to be your next and final stop in choosing a kennel from which to purchase a German Shorthaired Pointer.  Your return business is very important to us!  Hunt'em Up Kennels is located by Tescott, Kansas.   

          Ruger pointed and retrieved this rooster pheasant at only 15 weeks old

Hunt'em Up Kennels is owned and operated by Kaj Larson.  I grew up hunting and was chasing birds long before a bird dog was ever involved.  After losing a wounded rooster pheasant, I decided I needed a bird dog.  Buddy was my first hunting dog.  Looking back, he was probably anything but spectacular.  However, he was a dream come true for a young boy who wanted a bird dog.  I've had the opportunity to own and hunt over many breeds of bird dogs since Buddy, but for me it was the German Shorthaired Pointer who stole the show.  My passion for the breed led me to Hunt'em Up Kennels.

At Hunt'em Up Kennels, we hunt our German Shorthair Pointers.  I've had many people ask, "Do you hunt your GSP's?"  This is a legitimate question since some kennels don't hunt their sires and dams.  My German Shorthairs hunt and do an excellent job of it or they don't become sires and dams.  Hunt'em Up Kennels has very high standards for our German Shorthaired Pointers to uphold and simply having an excellent pedigree isn't good enough.  With that being said, pedigrees and bloodlines are important because they provide the foundation for producing excellent GSP's.

We are very happy with the pedigrees and bloodlines of our German Shorthaired Pointers.  They include many titled and Hall of Fame dogs. 
Some of our German Shorthair Pointer lines include: Rawhide’s Clown, Dixieland’s Rusty, Heide’s Mighty City Slicker, Jig’s White Smoke, Rawhide’s Josie Wells, Magnum’s Touch Of Gold, I Like That Joker, Fancy White Trash, Gk’s Rambling Danny, Gk’s Playing For Keeps, Moesgaard’s Dee Dees Jackson, Rawhides Shamrock, Rawhides Bad News, Windjammers Pride, MRK’s Western Whitey, Wildfire’s Windjammers, GK’s Nuke It, Chicororee’s Megan Direct, Pipelines Drug Store Cowboy, and KJ’s Hightailing Saddle. We also have German and Romanian import bloodlines with Hege-Haus, Wittekind, Pottsiepen, Zinshorf, Rothenuffeln, and Bergesteiger.  

We are the proud owners of 2 x NFC GK'S He's A Trip, FC Divines Semiautomatic Kolby and FC Doublerun Aiming High (Amy) They are beautiful German Shorthaired pointers and have thrown very nice GSP puppies.  Check out their individual pages for more information on these beautiful German Shorthaired Pointers.

My three champions

Our goal is to breed and provide the best quality German Shorthaired Pointers available.  We provide puppies and gun dogs in various stages of training to suite your individual needs.  Hunt'em Up Kennels strives to produce GSP's that have the abilities to be successful in many different venues.  Whether you are looking for your next gun dog, field trial prospect, or companion, we have what you are looking for.  Our German Shorthaired Pointers are great family dogs and will make an excellent addition to any family. 

Hunt'em Up Kennels tries to have German Shorthaired Pointers for sale year round.  We sell
puppiesstarted dogs, and fully trained dogs.  We also have German Shorthaired Pointers with a wide variety of colors and markings.  Whether you are looking for a GSP that is black, liver, black roan, liver roan, black and white, liver and white, mostly white, mostly ticked, or some where in between, we probably have what you are looking for. 

Black GSP

Being a bird hunter myself, I know and appreciate the importance of a well trained gun dog.  Watching a well trained gun dog work a field full of birds is a thing of beauty. At Hunt'em Up Kennels we specialize in training the versatile German Shorthaired Pointer, but we will train any breed of gun dog.  We provide training for all pointing, flushing, versatile, and retrieving gun dog breeds.  Our training programs focus on producing excellent gun dogs for the foot hunter.  All of our gun dog training programs can be customized to fit your individual needs. 

At Hunt'em Up Kennels, our German Shorthaired Pointers
are grown and raised in a family environment.  We pay extra attention to our GSP puppies so they get the best possible start on life.  Our puppies will be very well socialized by the time they leave our kennel.  When a pup leaves our kennel, it will be bold and ready to take on the world.  

Daddy, I love you!

I think Babe loves her job!    

Our German Shorthair Pointers are AKC registered and
100% guaranteed.
  Shipping:  If you can't make it to the kennel to pick up your GSP, rest assured it will be shipped to you without a problem, regardless of location.  We have shipped
our German Shorthaired Pointers to Oregon, Missouri, Arkansas, Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, California, Maine, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Florida, New Mexico, New Jersey, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Texas.  We have even shipped our GSP's to Canada and Bermuda.

Shipping is available by Air

Anywhere in the

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We appreciate your interest in our German Shorthaired Pointers and encourage you to *CONTACT* us with any questions and comments you might have.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading our home page and we hope that you enjoy the rest of our website.  Have a wonderful day!

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